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Songs For And From The Heart (2010)

by emorej

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released March 12, 2010




emorej Philippines

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Track Name: Clouds Passing By
It’s morning time again
I gaze outside my window sill
A leave my warm bed alone to go outside

Sunlight warms my face
The balmy breezes cool my skin
While the ocean’s inviting me to swim it’s deep

As I walk by the shore
I look up to see
Clouds passing by
Ocean waves crashing in
Salty air I breath
Birds flying high
It is when you’re alone
You think of different things to do
All problems seem to fade
And worries disappear from you
It’s good to be alive

As evening approaches fast
I glance above to watch the sky
The heavens was crimson red and beautiful
Lying on pristine sand
I realize that life is good
As I open my heart to him to take me home


It’s good, it’s great, it’s wonderful to be (2x

Track Name: Lovin' You
Lovin’ you is easy
All the thing you do
Keeps my life exciting
Fresh and all so new

With each love I give you
You return it twice
Being with you baby
Feels like paradise

To love to hold to squeeze you
Is what I want to do
To touch to feel to kiss you
You make my life complete

Lovin’ you is simple
All the things you say
Words that touch and move me
In very special ways

In your eyes I see
A kind and gentle soul
Someone who will love me
Despite my faults and flaws


Lovin’ you is good
All the things you are
You’re a beacon in the night
You’re my shining star

I’m glad I found you
It must be destiny
I just want to thank you
For your company


Lovin’ you
Lovin’ you…

Track Name: What Made Me Love You
I do not know what you did to me that made me love you
I never thought that it would be you and me but I was proven wrong

It took me by surprise
Was it something in those eyes
What’s this spell you cast on me
Is it in my destiny
That I would love you

I never knew what love could be until you loved me
I never thought that loving you would ever be this good

It was a big surprise
That you who I despise
Could change my thoughts of you
I still can’t believe it’s true
That I now love you

I do not know what you did to me to make me love you
It was more than just chemistry that made me fall for you

I might as well give in
‘Cause love will always win
I must not dwell on minor things
Just think of the joy it brings
When I’m in love
When I’m in love…

Track Name: I Wonder
Would you like to come down,
From your perch up high?
Let us talk for a moment,
‘bout this crazy world.
Is there hope of redemption?
Are we doomed to fail?

I wonder…

All these these wars and violence,
The killing never stops.
What can we do to stop this?
Is hatred in our blood?
Do we need a miracle,
To tell us this is wrong?

I wonder…

Let us talk ‘bout poverty.
Greed is everywhere.
There are people dying,
Because they couldn’t pay.
We all need to help them.
Do we even care?

I wonder…

Can we escape to heaven,
When there’s no place to go?
Are we planning extinction,
With the deeds that we do?
Even though we don’t deserve this,
Will you let us through?

I wonder…

Wish we all could follow,
The rule that’s set for us.
If we love one another,
We could see a change,
And the world would be better
For people everywhere.

I wonder…

Track Name: Hear Me
Here me calling,
Here me calling for you.

See me falling,
See me falling for you.

I’m obsessed with you,
I’m possessed by you,
I’m obsessed with you,
I’m in love with you.

Hear me pleading,
Hear me pleading to you.

See me crying,
See me crying for you.

I’m what’s best for you,
And you know it too,
I’m what’s best for you,
I’m what’s best for you.

So heed my calls,
And answer me.

Track Name: Drifting Floating
Lay your head on my shoulders
Close your eyes
Let yourself go completely
And drift with me

Soaring high into space
With the earth below
Open your mind to the universe
And float with me

We’re drifting
We’re floating
We’re drifting
We’re floating

Our merge into one
All your thoughts become mine
Linger with me in this state we’re in
For eternity

Chorus to end

Track Name: Feel Me
Feel me (4x)

I’m warm, soft and smooth come feel me
Caress me in your arms and hold me
I long for a touch
Which matters much when you’re lonely

Feel me (4x)

The softness of a kiss is magic
When you haven’t had one in years
To feel someone breath against ones face
Is heaven

Feel me (4x)

People in love are envied
They make us wish we had someone
I know I’ll be fine when I hear the line
I love you

Feel me (to fade)

Track Name: True Love
Love is simple
Love is pure
Love is will always
Grow and endure

Love is real
Love is strong
With each other
Is where we belong

Why can’t I find love (4x)

Love is beauty
Love is good
Love needs no words
To be understood

Love is easy
Love is kind
Love is never
Hard to find

Why can’t I find love (4x)

True love have you ever experienced it? (2x)

Love’s essential
Love is life
Love is a world
Without strife

Love’s eternal
Love is free
Love’s for everyone
Excluding me

Why can’t I find love (to fade)

Track Name: Apology
Sorry (4x)

Baby I’m sorry for all the thing I’ve done to you
Please forgive me
I never meant to hurt you

I know it’s hard for you to accept
It’s my intention to make things right
If you still hate me I’ll understand
I’m so sorry

Sorry (2x)
Baby I’m sorry

I know I made a grave, big, mistake
I was just thinking about myself
How could I hurt someone like you
Please forgive me

Sorry (2x)
Baby I’m sorry

Baby I’m sorry for all the thing I’ve done to you
Please forgive me
I never meant to hurt you

Now that it’s over, and damage was done
Wish I could take back the things I said
I only hope that maybe someday
You will love me again

Sorry (2x)
Baby I’m sorry

Baby I’m sorry,
Please forgive me …

(Adlib to fade)

Track Name: So Unique
I have known so many people
But there’s no one, there’s no one quite like you
In this world of a billion people
I can’t find one, can’t find one just like you

You’re so unique in every way
You’re so unique I love you

I have searched the whole world over
To find someone, find someone just like
Now I know my search is over
‘Cause I found the one, found the one that is you


You are unique in many ways
Like a single grain of sand
Like the treasure in the ocean deep
You’re a one in a million kind


There ain’t nothin’ like you

You’re so unique… (adlib to fade)